What should XR Lambeth focus on in 2021?

When it comes to climate and social justice, there is (unfortunately) no shortage of things to fight for or against! In December XR UK published its Strategy Update for 2021. As a local group, XR Lambeth is obviously supporting and […]

XRL Gardeners Stockwell plant drop

On Thursday the Lambeth rebel gardeners descended on a small patch of unloved public space near Stockwell tube station. In a few hours the area was transformed into a colourful and leafy oasis complete with trees and plants specially selected […]

A Letter To Claire Holland, Cllr

The XR Lambeth politics group have put in an extraordinary amount of work over the past few months. The vast majority has been focussed on the council’s corporate decarbonisation plans and the Lambeth citizens assembly and this week they’ve been […]

XRL politics group talk at Byline Festival

Rob, Colette and Neil from our politics group were joined by Adam from Tower Hamlets to give a talk at Byline Festival on Monday. The event, which included a dedicated XR tent, describes itself as ‘a festival with a social, […]

Citizens Assembly Group outside Lambeth Town Hall

Lambeth citizens’ assembly: the news so far

The news earlier this year that Lambeth Council will be holding a citizens’ assembly on climate change was met with joy and scepticism in almost equal measures. While this is a huge step towards participatory democracy becoming part of the […]