Extinction Rebellion in Clapham & Stockwell – A hyperlocal group part of XR Lambeth

This group is for rebels in Stockwell, Larkhall, Clapham Town, Clapham Common or Thornton wards. It’s a place to meet rebels near you, hear about events and meetings and discuss ideas and local issues.

Anyone can join this group and new rebels are always welcome. When you join please introduce yourself briefly and tell the group why you joined or any areas you’re particularly interested in.

Clapham and Stockwell

For Clapham and Stockwell rebels

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Lambeth is a big borough so we decided to create five local groups for people to connect with rebels living near each other, of which this is one, but XR Lambeth is still the main XR group and working groups (eg Art Group) work across Lambeth.

You can find the other local groups in Lambeth here: