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Upcoming XR Lambeth Events

January 6 (07:00 pm)
South London Botanical Institute - 323 Norwood Road
January 20 (07:00 pm)
South London Botanical Institute - 323 Norwood Road
February 3 (07:00 pm)
South London Botanical Institute - 323 Norwood Road
February 22 (10:30 pm)
The Vaults - Leake Street


Formed at the start of 2019 by a small group of Lambeth residents, Extinction Rebellion Lambeth has​ grown into one of London’s biggest and most active local groups.

Now a thriving community, experts and amateurs are working together in a network of specialised groups, lending their time to a wide range of activities in response to the climate emergency. These are the building blocks of the rebellion in Lambeth and it’s growing fast.

You don’t have to be willing to be arrested, nor do you need to have hours and hours spare or be an expert on climate change. If you care about what’s happening to our planet and are frustrated and disheartened by the inaction of those in power then you are in the right place.

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How it works

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised movement, that means as Lambeth rebels we have the freedom to organise our own actions.

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Our Demands

Every Extinction Rebellion group have 3 demands at their heart. They unite us and help us communicate our message loud and clear.

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Get involved

There are loads of ways to get involved with XR Lambeth. They cover a huge variety of skills and you don’t have to get arrested to be a Rebel!

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