There are lots of ways to connect with local rebels and get involved with the rebellion in Lambeth and the groups on this page are a great place to start. If you would just like to keep up to date with local and national actions as well as requests from local rebels then have a look at our ‘Stay informed‘ groups.

Please note that in order to join the groups through the links on this page you need to either be on a smartphone with the correct messaging app installed or, in the case of the WhatsApp groups, have WhatsApp downloaded to your desktop. If you have neither of these things then head over to our events page to find when the next general meeting is – there will be someone there who can help you.

Every group is a safe, inclusive space. To ensure this continues we ask that everyone follows three rules:

  • Be kind and courteous
  • No hate speech or bullying
  • We are non prescriptive group – please do not tell people what they should think or do

Lambeth Rebels (Telegram group*)

A forum for general discussion. This group is a mixture of debate, updates and articles which can result in some lively and inspiring discussion. For more information about Telegram see the paragraph below.

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XR Lambeth New Members

Confused about the group's structure? Want to know how to get involved in an action? Don't know where to start? Ask any questions about XR, big or small, in this WhatsApp group.

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* Never used Telegram? Telegram is a messaging app, very similar to WhatsApp. It's used in particular for the larger groups due to the much higher limit on group participants. It also has a polling feature which has proved useful in gauging the general opinion in the group, or in XR speak, conducting 'temperature checks'. You can download Telegram from both the Apple and Android app stores an then use the link to join the group.


Lambeth is a big borough and big groups can be overwhelming. Enter ‘hyperlocal’ groups, designed for people in neighbourhoods to connect and organise for all life in earth. Check the map below and see which group is for you.

Map of Lambeth wards


For Brixton rebels

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North Lambeth

For North Lambeth rebels

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For Streatham rebels

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For Norwood rebels

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Clapham and Stockwell

For Clapham and Stockwell rebels

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