Join The Rebellion and Act Now


learn about extinction rebellion

Check out the UK website to learn more about the movement, our principles, how we organise and national rebellions, events and training.


Join a meeting or event

This is a great way to meet fellow Lambeth Rebels and get an introduction to the movement. Check out our XRL events page to find out what the next events will be.


Join a lambeth group

Head over to our Join us page for more information about what groups you can join.


join us on an action

Actions can take many forms and last anything from a couple of hours to multiple days, some are even carried out from the comfort of your own home. It’s where we can really make ourselves heard and the more people that are involved, the bigger the impact.

Check our XRL events page and join the Lambeth Broadcast WhatsApp and Actions groups for information about upcoming actions.We’d love to see you there!




We have a couple of donation options in Lambeth XR. You can make a general contribution or alternatively put something towards the legal fund for local rebels who have risked their liberty for the planet, it’s up to you!

Click here to donate.