A note on Covid-19

In light of the current situation with Covid-19, councillor surgeries are likely to be cancelled or moved to an online platform. Please check the council website for details but also consider emailing your councillor. Email addresses for all Lambeth councillors are listed on this page. Just follow the instructions in the ‘ward finder’ below to find details of your local councillors.

Councillor surgeries are a great way to get your voice heard. They are an opportunity to open a dialogue with your local councillor and highlight key issues. If we mobilise as many people as possible to lobby on the same issues then we have a much better chance of breaking through and seeing real change in our borough.

Want to engage but not sure where to start? Here are some questions which we recommend as a great starting point for a discussion:

  1. How will the Citizen’s Assembly (CA) be selected?
  2. Will the Citizen’s Assembly be legally binding? If not, why not?
  3. How is the Council promoting the Citizen’s Assembly to its constituents?
  4. What is the Council already doing to make the borough is carbon neutral by 2030?
  5. Which team will be responsible be implementing the CA recommendations?

The borough is divided into wards, each of which has its own councillors who hold weekly, fortnightly or monthly surgeries. If you’re not sure which ward you live in then you can use our handy ward finder below. Otherwise select your ward from the list and scroll down for information about your local surgeries and councillors.

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Otherwise try again with a new postcode or have a look on the map and select from the options below.

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