Reclaim your street. We Can Help You.

During the pandemic, access to safe spaces outside the home is crucial for both physical and mental wellbeing. However many local areas where people live lack space. Pavements are crowded and narrow and many people do not have nearby green space where they can go to get fresh air and exercise. Often the spaces can also be really busy with families, walkers, runners and cyclists all vying for space whilst at the same time trying to observe social distancing measures. For many people who are vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, finding safe outside space just feels impossible.

What are we offering?

XR Lambeth will work in partnership with local residents to facilitate them to access the roads they live on to turn them into car free spaces which they can then use safely. We want to support local residents in liberating their roads for themselves.

What we are NOT doing

XR Lambeth will not instigate any action without first being approached by local residents. We have had specific training on safety and legal aspects of this type of action and some of our members are able to organise the best way to offer support but – the idea itself, the wish for change, has to come from local residents.

Requesting a Road Closure

Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.

XRL is especially keen to help people who don’t have gardens, live far from parks or who have busy roads with narrow pavements. We will try our hardest to facilitate all requests.