Strikes past and future: how the School Strikes can inspire the Earth Strike

With the upcoming global Earth Strike growing ever closer we were reminded of an article written by our friend and fellow Lambeth Rebel, Steve Tooze, in the ‘The London Economic’. In it he describes his experience earlier this year of attending the school strikes with his children and the effect that spending time with that inspirational group of young trailblazers has had on him.

His story is underpinned with the emotions that many of us are feeling in relation to climate change, not least those of us with children, and his response that he feels “like the very least that we grown-ups can do is be ready and prepared to do battle for the climate at their side” is something of a rallying call for the next stage of resistance and the next opportunity for us all to stand together and make ourselves heard.

Read Steve’s article in full below and find out more about Earth Strike by clicking this link.

When our kids protest, the least grown-ups can do is listen

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