Personal Greening: general info

Useful websites

The following websites/publications are really good resources for investigating how to green your life: helps you to see how your bank, utility provider or pension provider stacks up.

Green Choices offers loads of free resources for personal greening from how to holiday to what to buy.

Ethical Consumer is a subscription publication costing £30pa. It offers a similar service to Green Choices but for this price you will get access to their extensive back library.


The Green Choices website has excellent advice on how to make green investments.

For a more personal take on investments, here is a document written by a lambeth rebel explaining how he took control of his pension, saved money on advisor fees and invested in ethical funds.

Banking and Saving

Banks and the financial industry are funding the climate and ecological crisis by investing trillions of dollars in polluting industries.

Click here for a list of ethical banks.

Utility Provider

Energy generation is a huge driver of the climate crisis. In the UK we have an electricity grid that gives us all an opportunity to be greener but finding the right provider isn't always easy. Click here for a list of green energy providers that can help you get clean electricity in your home.

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