subvertised bus stop in Lambeth North, with artwork from Darren Cullen

XR Lambeth installs latest Brandalism campaign posters against Toyota and BMW’s misleading ads

Last week Lambeth rebels took part in an international subvertising campaign targeting car manufacturers Toyota and BMW. The campaign coincides with the 100th anniversary of the European Motor Show taking place in Brussels.

The posters from great artists featured below highlight the misleading adverts and aggressive lobbying by the two companies in relation to the climate crisis, as well the other issues caused by SUVs.

Tona Merriman, a spokesperson for mastemind campaigners and subvertisers Brandalism, said::

“Toyota and BMW use slick marketing campaigns to promote over-sized SUV models that clog up urban neighbourhoods. Electric SUVs are no solution – they’re too big for most parking spaces and their tall bumper size and excessive weight present an increased risk to pedestrians, especially children, involved in road collisions.”

Rebels installed bus stop posters around Waterloo in South London, an area with very high footfall in the borough. Tube ads and bus stop posters were also installed by other XR London local group.

In total, climate activists from the Subvertisers International and Brandalism  installed billboards, bus stops and tube ads in over a dozen cities in Europe, including London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels, building on the momentum to ban advertsising from top polluters, as was previously done with tobacco.

subvertised bus stop in Lambeth North, with artwork from Darren Cullen

Lambeth North, artwork by Darren Cullen

subvertised bus stop in Lambeth North, with artwork from @Fokawolf

Lambeth North, artowrk by Fokawolf

subvertised bus stop in Lambeth North, with artwork from Lindsay Grime

Waterloo, artwork from Lindsay Grime

subvertised bus stop in Lambeth North, with artwork from Hogre

Lambeth North, artwork by Hogre

subvertised bus stop on Waterloo Bridge with artwork from Merny Wernz

Waterloo Bridge, artwork by Merny Wernz

The posters  were designed by artists Matt Bonner, Darren Cullen, Fokawolf, Hogre, Javie Huxley, Joolzy, Lindsay Grime, Michelle Tylicki and Merny Wernz. They feature images of highly polluting Toyota and BMW vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and the BMW X5 and X7 SUV. One artwork has a Toyota Landcruiser driving through urban streets as pram-pushing pedestrians, children and cyclists rush to get out of the way. Another mock BMW advert has “Add Climate Breakdown” in parody reference to a real BMW advert that reads “Add Driving Pleasure”.






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Adapted from Brandalism’s post on their website:Toyota slammed for misleading adverts and anti-climate lobbying in hacked billboard campaign across Europe

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