Love is actions, not words!

On Valentine’s day we shared a message of love and rage in front of Brockwell Park, to highlight the need to act now to protect children who will suffer the most from the devastating effects of climate breakdown and societal collapse.

This is what one of our rebels involved said about the action:

"On this Valentine's day, we wanted to highlight what loving and caring for the community needs to look like in the context of the current climate emergency. Lambeth Council declared it in 2019 but as with love, it is about actions more than words.
We have spelled out what tackling it means in concrete terms. Love doesn't have to be blind!"

Our demands:

1) Make all your activities carbon zero by 2030
2)Tell us what actions you’re taking to tackle the climate crisis
3) Work hand in hand with local communities to deliver climate justice
4) Ensure every council decision has the impact on our climate front and centre
5) Ensure all council workers jobs include doing their bit on tackling the climate crisis
6) Be upfront on how local climate transition will be paid for

Rebel for love ❤️

Join XR Lambeth today. Act Now!

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