XRL Gardeners Stockwell plant drop

On Thursday the Lambeth rebel gardeners descended on a small patch of unloved public space near Stockwell tube station. In a few hours the area was transformed into a colourful and leafy oasis complete with trees and plants specially selected for the shade.

The site was identified over a month ago and planning began soon after with one small action day in the lead up where planters were built and painted. In contrast with the more gradual, measured progress and full days of action at the Somerleyton Celebration Garden this was a whirlwind of planting, painting and, due to the busy public location, lively public engagement.

The latter is in fact the real strength of this project. Being so close to Stockwell tube it’s not only a diverse residential area but also a busy commuter route. This means the footfall is particularly high so our bright yellow and pink planters, emblazoned with the XR logo and filled with greenery will hopefully be enjoyed by hundreds if not thousands of people every day, sowing the XR message in a green and gentle way.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the XRL Gardeners working group then join our WhatsApp chat here.

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