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Online Spring Cleaning!

In recent months, XR Lambeth has been doing a lot of work on the website.

  • The Events page is now regularly updated, you will find dates and times for all sorts of events and meetings (social, educational and organisational) in there.
  • In the Act Now section there is a new page called Personal Greening, which gives helpful info on how you can easily move your spending power and money to greener companies. Your electricity supplier, your bank and how to move your pension are all included.
  • There is a new Resources page. In there is an admin section with info on things like how to make expenses claims or pay funds into the bank account, as well as resoures created by our local rebels, ranging from papers on environmental and social justice to vegan recipe videos!In time, we hope to add training videos and other resources.
  • There is also a new Local Directory of green shops, websites and apps.  Have a look, if you have any recommendations, ideas or corrections to add, post them on your hyper-local WhatsApp group (list of local groups)or email them and we will pick it up and add it.
  • On the Join Us page, there is a comprehensive list of all the working groups, if you would like to get more involved, join up. There is also a list of all the other communication channels. The News page now features many more articles about what we have been up to and is more often updated.
  • Finally, there is a new Donate page, you can sign up to a small regular donation or give whatever you like to help us in our quest to raise the issue of the climate crisis to the top of the agenda, where it should be.

Happy browsing!

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