Climate Café

Our Climate Café is Back!

Well, to be honest we’d rather it wasn’t and we could meet in real life… But as a bunch of people who are fighting to avoid a climate and ecological collapse, we have learnt to be super resilient!

So here we are, back online with a weekly programme of events to keep you entertained and informed as well as connect with other rebels. We have regular and one off sessions such as cooking, dancing, but also workshops, presentations and discussions around who we are and what we do.

Do check out our Events page to see the full programme. It will be updated regularly as we get more suggestions and facilitators so don’t forget to check it regularly!

As you (hopefully) know, XR Lambeth, as the rest of the movement, is decentralised, so we are keen on supporting new and old rebels facilitating their own sessions. Want to (co)faciliate a session or suggest one? Contact us by email at [email protected]

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