XR protesters with banner and police

Why I broke the law: a Lambeth rebel’s statement at the court of justice

“I’m a father, a brother and a son. I had the great privilege of growing up in a loving working class family. My father apprenticed as an engineer who went on to found a manufacturing company in the UK that among other things, makes bushes for wind turbines. My mother trained as a nurse and became a community psychiatric nurse in my home town of Crawley. They worked hard and supported me and my brother and sisters through our education. They paid their taxes to support the government, the police and the justice system in this country. They taught me to care and respect the contract of care we make with our government.
I’m a stone Mason, I carve stone for buildings and sculpture. I work hard, I pay my taxes. I volunteer in my community and believe in equality and justice.
It is clear that the government has failed in its contract of care. It is clear that corporate and financial interests have captured our government and most of our politicians. They no longer serve the interests of the people, the safety and security of our families, the future of our children.
The police and the justice system in this country will have to make a choice as to who they serve, the security and safety of it’s people, working families and many children OR the securing of corporate profits and properties and financial interests.
The realities of the Climate Emergency and the entrenched suicidal positions of these corporate interests and the capturing of our governmental institutions make it impossible to do both.
I want to see the rule of law used to protect our precious planet, I want to see the police protecting our right to demand the change that is needed to do that. For that both will need to challenge the colonial, racist roots of the respective institutions and re establish the contract of care and freedom with the people of this country. That is my hope.
Care and freedom, that is the true currency. That is what we can offer one another. Together we can halt and avert the cascade of environmental and biodiversity and human catastrophes that are engulfing us.
I sat in the road for my children, for their security and safety, because we are in great danger and our government and our police and our justice system are failing us.”

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