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Together we are stronger – February 2022 update

Dearest rebels,

The never ending month of January is finally behind us and we have entered the month of love, half of our powerful Love and Rage motto! We have been busy continuing to implement the new strategy, which includes welcoming and inducting new rebels and reconnecting with our old friends, be they other Lambeth and South London rebels or local campaigners.

In this newsletter:

1️⃣ Recent actions

2️⃣ Update on our new strategy and direction

3️⃣ Upcoming events and actions

What have we been up to?

Monday last week was busy:

At lunchtime, we gifted Lambeth Council with a card, doughnuts and a book to mark the third anniversary of their declaring a climate emergency. We shared the highlights in our previous newsletter and on our blog, too.

We’ll continue organising and supporting events to hold our council to account in expectation of their Climate Action Plan and the upcoming local elections. Join our Whatsapp group if you’d like to help. We’re preparing for a big rallye with other groups towards the end of March.

– In the evening, we met online with friends from six other South London boroughs to catch up on what everyone’s been busy with and discuss how we can work together and support each other.

You can read a recap of what went down and find out how to get involved in all the amazing things mentioned in our blog.

On Friday, we teamed up with XR Hammersmith and Fulham and many others to show up at Shell’s headquarters on the Southbank as part of the international Coastal Rebellion, to raise awareness of the damage that seismic exploration does to the sea and its creatures, all for the sake of more indecent fossil fuel profit. Watch the recording from events all around the world and pictures from our UK solidarity event.

Mobilising new and old rebels for the rebellion

Project 3.5 needs you: a brilliant group of Lambeth rebels have launched the next stage of XR’s
inspiring and ambitious national plan to mobilise millions of people –
3.5% of the population – for the April Rebellion.

Could you help?

  • By talking to people on their doorsteps about their climate concerns onMonday, Tuesday and Wednesday and inviting them to a Heading for

    Extinction talk

  • By helping with follow-up phone calls to potential new rebels

If you want to know more about Project 3.5 and how to get involved join the dedicated group chat

Save the dates!

🗓️Thursday 10th February at 7pm, XR Lambeth invites you to a talk about the climate and ecological crisis and what to do about it.

Venue: Brixton Windmill, 100 Blenheim Gardens, London, SW2 5DA

There will be refreshments and hot and cold drinks available at the venue.

🗓️ This Saturday 12th February, one local and one London-wide events:

– Join Refurbish Don’t Demolish, Save Central Hill and other local estate housing groups in calling out Home for Lambeth for demolishing estates instead of refurbishing them. Lambeth rebels will be there to support. More info

– The People’s Assembly, Disabled People Against Cuts, Unite and other groups have called for a national day of actions to protest against price increases, while fossil fuel companies and other crooks line up their pockets. Rebels in London will join the demo starting at 1pm in Parliament Square.

Many of our rebels flagged up the Lambeth Referendum 2022 campaign to make Lambeth Council truly representative of their constituents by changing the committee system. Find out more in this great summary from Brixton Buzz

With love and rage,

XR Lambeth

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