XR Families on the passing of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

The result in parliament last night was a disappointing one, but not altogether unexpected. In the last year, members of the Conservative government and their beneficiaries have been shaken by the strength of our protests, and terrified of the prospect of us realising our collective power.

Well we have news for the government. We are not going anywhere. We are growing in resolution and in strength, and whatever barriers they try to put in our way, we will never stop protesting and fighting for this planet, for our lives and the lives of our children.

We have achieved so much together, we have made mistakes and we have made history. We will continue to learn and develop, harnessing our ingenuity and creativity and creating the world we want to see.

Activism is two things. The destruction of what is wrong, and the creation of something better. The bill that was passed today not only oppresses our rights to protest, but specifically targets and further marginalises many who are awarded the least privileges in our society. The new laws will make it harder for people who have caring responsibilities or are from minority groups to take part in political action. And they criminalise travellers and gypsy communities, who are some of the most disregarded and persecuted in the UK. The police are already targeting black activists for harassment, especially the women among them. This can only be intensified if the punishments for protest become as disproportionately severe as under the proposed law.

It is crucial for all activists with white privilege to stand up and oppose this law lest black activists find their voices entirely silenced.

We will stand for all of those who have been let down in the past, have been let down yesterday and who will continue to be let down by this farce of a government.

We will demand that they listen to the people, put life above profit and we will hold them accountable every step of the way.

If you have been watching from afar, the time to join us is now. We are rising.

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