Here’s to strong women

On International Women’s Day, we honour the actions of Tracey Mallaughan and Bells, who on Friday 5th March were sentenced to 14 days in prison for contempt of court, as they glued themselves on during Bells’ hearing. Prior to her […]

CC: Maher

Online Spring Cleaning!

In recent months, XR Lambeth has been doing a lot of work on the website. The Events page is now regularly updated, you will find dates and times for all sorts of events and meetings (social, educational and organisational) in […]

How to make a banner

Art has always been a massive part of the Rebellion. It’s provided engaging and inspiring ways of communicating the message of the climate and ecological emergency in so many different shapes, sizes, forms and tones. One of the most powerful […]

Love is actions, not words!

On Valentine’s day we shared a message of love and rage in front of Brockwell Park, to highlight the need to act now to protect children who will suffer the most from the devastating effects of climate breakdown and societal […]

Lambeth Citizens’ Assembly: have your say!

The XRL Political Circle and CA working group has created a short inforgraphic to highlight the positives and the negatives (and our fears) of the Lambeth Citizens’ Assembly (LCA) process so far. And a short survey that will determine whether […]

Climate Café

Our Climate Café is Back!

Well, to be honest we’d rather it wasn’t and we could meet in real life… But as a bunch of people who are fighting to avoid a climate and ecological collapse, we have learnt to be super resilient! So here […]

What should XR Lambeth focus on in 2021?

When it comes to climate and social justice, there is (unfortunately) no shortage of things to fight for or against! In December XR UK published its Strategy Update for 2021. As a local group, XR Lambeth is obviously supporting and […]

XRL Gardeners Stockwell plant drop

On Thursday the Lambeth rebel gardeners descended on a small patch of unloved public space near Stockwell tube station. In a few hours the area was transformed into a colourful and leafy oasis complete with trees and plants specially selected […]